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Admail 6.0 is an exciting, unique, robust and flexible system that can turn simple Internal or external
email delivery into a targeted marketing campaign. Just build a new campaign using admail’s simple
web tools and add your image or text based banner; and Admail 6.0 innovative engine will make sure
that any email that is sent inside or outside your organization and matches your criteria, will contain
your selected banner.

Admail 6.0 is designed to meet the needs of every type of organization, from small SOHO to
a worldwide enterprise. Admail 6.0 Supports multiple deployment scenarios that allows it to fit the
organization's capacity and security needs. Admail 6.0 can plug in to most corporate messaging
systems (like Microsoft Exchange or IBM Lotus Notes with a mail relay server).

Admail 6.0 Development environment is Microsoft Dot.Net 3.5, Visual Studio 2008 using MS WCF Technology.

Admail 6.0 can produce external campaigns using any SMTP based email system.
Internal campaigns engine uses a plug-in for the organization internal messaging system
(e.g. Microsoft Exchange). Admail is designed and ready for Exchange 2007.

Admail 6.0 can integrate with the organization's existing directory service in order to get users
campaign rules and distribution lists.

Admail 6.0 supports multiple languages.

Admail 6.0 data can be stored in an existing database inside the organization or using an innovative
file-based storage system that is simple to backup and restore.

Admail 6.0 keeps audit records for every user action.

Admail 6.0 contains features that can reduce mail size and may help to deliver messages
via anti spam products—like text based banners (Adtext) and an option to link banners instead
of embedding them inside the mail body.

Admail 6.0 will not send campaigns when the server is overload with emails.

Admail company offers tailor-made solutions and services in the field of marketing to companies,
bodies and organizations and effective marketing tools which increase sales, so that they
can utilize their full business potential.

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